Free Burma Rangers Needs and Project List for 2024

Needs and Project List for 2024

Thank you all for wanting to learn more about the needs we have this coming year. Below is a list of the needs we see for the coming year, along with costs.



$300,000 each for missions in Karen and Karenni states, and $100,000 for Chin State. Mission costs cover food and shelter for displaced people, and help transporting people away from danger.  

$240,000 for 150 units of medicine for missions: one unit of medicine treats 1,000 people and costs $1,600.

6 trucks to be used as ambulance trucks in Karen and Karenni states. Each truck is $20,000.

$1600 for 20 motorbikes for team and supply transport, especially to places further from roads.

Solar power systems cost $5,000 for a small system and $10,000 for a large system (big enough to power a clinic); we need 5 small and 5 large systems this year.

Communications: Due to the cutting of communications by the dictators in Burma in what already is a challenging area to communicate, Starlink provides the cheapest and, in some cases, the only way communicate and coordinate needs, medical care, and relief.        

$100,000 to maintain and expand Starlink communications. One Starlink unit costs $600 and one year of service for one unit costs $2400. Currently, we have 20 operational units and are spending $4000 per month on service ($48,000 annually).$50,000 for other field communications, which include satellite phones, encrypted radio systems, satellite radio systems, etc.

$5,000 for a drone for mapping terrain.

Jungle School of Medicine (JSMK):

$150,000 a year for operating costs to run the school and clinic, training new medics and caring for patients.

$3,000 for an ultrasound machine.

$2,500 for a kidney function tester.

Dooplaya District and Karenni State Clinic Support:

$5,000 for lab equipment.

$35,000 for a portable x-ray machine.


$50,000 to be used in rebuilding destroyed churches in Karen and Karenni states.

$25,000 for support of Christian boarding schools for Karen and Wa children in Thailand.

Children hiding from airstrikes in Burma.


$150,000 for relief missions in Syria.

$36,000 a year to take care of local teams and staff.

$35,000 for ambulance for Ein Issa hospital.

Good Life Club in Syria.


$40,000 a year to help take care of Afghan refugees who fled into Tajikistan.

$20,000 a year for partnering with local people in an evangelism outreach to Afghan refugees in Tajikistan. 


$20,000 for one relief mission to Ukraine; we plan to go three times a year.

$100,000 for an armored ambulance for a frontline chaplain and medical service.

In Ukraine, we are doing a small rotation with Ukrainian chaplains to serve in Jesus’ name in the front line of Ukraine. We did our first mission there in August and plan to continue with a rotation of chaplains and medics to go to help the chaplains in Ukraine reach out to their people in need. These are short, two-week missions, giving chaplain, evangelism and medical training to chaplains as well as going ourselves to the frontlines to minister to Ukrainian soldiers and foreign volunteers, in Jesus’ name. 

Dave Eubank praying for patients in Ukraine.

Thank you so much for reading this and praying about it. We know each of you all are involved in many other areas of need and so thank you for praying for us to meet only the needs God wants us to.

God bless you, 

Dave, family and FBR

Below are pictures from each of our areas of operation.

Landmine victim in Burma.

Church in Karenni State, burning after an airstrike.

Sliverhorn being treated after being wounded while helping in Karenni State.

Rescuing a landmine victim in Karenni State, Burma.

Good Life Club in Burma.

Harmony transcending borders: Young women singing and leading worship at the Church of the Brethren in Kobane, Northeast Syria.

Medical clinic in Syria.

The team at the rebuilt church in Raqqa, Syria.

Eubank family with families in Ukraine.