Karen Hilltribes Trust A New Year and a New Challenge!

KHT’s annual Jungle Trek will happen once again in January 2024.

From the 22nd to 28th of January 2024, KHT will host explorers on a very special trek through the Mae Hong Son jungle, sleeping under the stars and staying in Karen villages.

The cost of the trek is 80,000THB (£1806), and our staff plan the route and stay with the participants to ensure they are safe and well looked after.

Last year, our trekkers had a wonderful experience and you can read about it here. The money raised helped us support more Karen people and this year we need the funding more than ever to support the rising costs of building materials and additional projects to support the most vulnerable.

We look forward to giving you an update on the trek, the funds raised and the testimonials of all who attended in February! If you would like to get involved, please contact us via our social media or email [email protected] now!

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