Karen Hilltribes Trust How You Made a Difference This Year!

KHT would like to wish all our supporters celebrating a very happy Christmas and New Year.

This year has been one of both successes and challenges for KHT, however we are forever grateful for the support and trust given to us to complete these important projects and ensure the Karen are not further ignored and forgotten.

This year, with your help, KHT was able to:

Complete 6 WASH Systems, ending water poverty for more than 1300 people.Improve livelihoods for over 1232 people though 4 FRIS projects.Ensure over 428 children can safety travel to school and over 297 children are being fed nutritious meals at school.Complete a pilot health programme with 454 students and 52 teachers treated with deworming medication.Help 46 Karen youth attend university or vocational studies.Hold a special reunion event for our scholarship students Host 26 volunteers from Gordonstoun School

Challenges in the year including unpredictable weather causing construction delays, rising costs of materials and extreme weather causing damage to our work. Post-Covid, we are seeing an impact on funding available and Thailand is an often ignored country of need due to it being considered a middle-income country. This often hides the reality of the huge disparity in wealth and opportunities facing the most vulnerable in Thailand, who are often rural and from marginalised ethnic minorities.

KHT is determined to continue its vital work and this is only possible with your help. Thank you for your support and we hope to see you in the new year, ready to change more lives for the better!

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