Karen Hilltribes Trust Looking For A Gift That Makes A Difference?

In this season of goodwill and charity to all, we will share gifts and express our love and gratitude for people. What better gift is there than to do a kind thing and change a life in someone’s name?

Climate change, isolation and poverty have left the Karen struggling with food security, water access and also access to education. Life in Mae Hong Son continues to be difficult and KHT is working to support as many villages as possible.

87% of land in Mae Hong Son province is covered with almost impenetrable forests and many villages in need of support are also hard to access. Despite these challenges, our team is ready to support all those we can and we need your help!

Take up our Christmas Fundraising Campaign, and donate towards our important projects as a gift to someone else. By donating on their behalf you are letting them know that you value them, they inspire you to do good and you have both helped change a life together!

You can download one of the cards below and send via email or social media and you can donate here on our website!

All KHT staff would like to wish all of you a very happy holiday season! We are grateful for your support and we hope 2024 will be a year of positive change for the Karen people!

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