Karen Hilltribes Trust New Hope for Oom Long Noi Village

With the start of the new year, KHT’s WASH projects are in full swing!

Our team headed over to Ban Oom Long Noi after the holiday season to begin the construction of a new WASH system, including latrines and hygiene education. We will also be providing first aid training and kits to the village.

The water and sanitation system construction requires a lot of labour and teamwork. The village participates fully and they also learn how to maintain the system once KHT leaves. The village help to roll the filter moulds to the source and take the pipes to their locations. There are no roads that can accommodate vehicles so it is all done through the power of the people!

KHT’s staff helping villagers during the hygiene training

Information related to water borne diseases and how to stay safe ensure better results for our projects!

A lot of materials are needed to complete a WASH system and much of these needs to be moved manually!

Oom Long Noi is home to 327 people and the villagers have been struggling with water poverty for many years. The village has no working water system, and the families have been reliant on a well and rainwater to collect water for their needs. The well cannot provide enough water, especially during dry season and the water quality is poor leading to a lot of cases of diarrhoea and ill health.

With the average income of the village being just 35000THB, the village could not afford to pay for any water systems and buying water was too difficult too. KHT’s help means that the village can now access a cleaner source of water up in the hills and use the gravity fed system to have accessible and cleaner water all year round.

Vital components of the system need to get up the hill

Many hands are needed to get through the dense jungle

The projects require a lot of hard work and our team must develop a good rapport with the villagers. As Karen, they are able to speak the language, explain things and as per Karen culture and KHT philosophy, we believe in being courteous, respectful and working for the betterment of the people we serve.

Building latrines supports better health and dignity for the village

Our team also provide materials to improve hygiene and cleanliness in the latrines

Our M&E officer takes baseline data to ensure our work is having an impact and we are learning!

The villagers were extremely happy to have KHT’s support and we will be returning to the village soon to complete other parts of the system and provide other support. This is only possible with your help and you can help us reach other marginalised communities by donating now!

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