Karen News Civilian Casualties Reported Amidst Fighting in Kawkareik Township

“As the battle started, there was heavy artillery fire with many shells falling around Zina Thukha Pagoda and the Wingyi ward. The bombardment originated from the main market area, targeting the residential wards. Evacuating those trapped is very tough, and the precise number of civilian casualties remains uncertain. Large bombs were also dropped from planes”, a trapped resident told KIC.

Fierce fighting is occurring at Hlaingwa Bridge, Kyarpan (Lotus) Roundabout, and the town entry in Kawkareik between the resistance forces led by the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) and the Junta’s troops. Local reports indicate fires have broken out around the industrial agricultural office and the municipal office. However KIC has not been able to confirm the ground situation of the battle at this moment.

In the early hours of December 1st, in Anhpagyi village, south of Kawkareik, a woman lost her life, and a man sustained severe head injuries when the Military Council’s aircraft bombed the area.

The Military Council has carried out a at least three air raids over the conflict zones in Kawkareik. Reconnaissance planes continue to hover, and fighting persists in at least five locations both within and outside the town, according to frontline sources.

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