Karen News Independent Press Council Myanmar (IPCM) Formally Established

Assuming the role of chairwoman for the council, Nan Paw Gay, the editor-in-chief of the Karen Information Center (KIC), emphasized that the formation of IPCM aims to promote media freedom in Myanmar, enhance security and protection for journalists, and effectively foster connections between regional and international news media.

Nan Paw Gay explained that, “In the current post-coup period, media linked to the Military Council attend international meetings as Myanmar’s representatives, accusing the genuine public-serving media of spreading false news, when in fact, it is our information and news that is on integrity and the truth.

IPCM has been formed to address such challenges faced by media representing the public, recognizing the need for such a body.”

At the recent conference, participants approved drafts for the regulations of the IPCM, elected committee members, and discussed and endorsed upcoming processes, as indicated in the post-conference press release.

In its future endeavors, IPCM aims to secure the release of journalists detained by the Military Council, uphold media ethics, establish connections between Ethnic Armed Organizations (EAOs) and the National Unity Government (NUG) to ensure the right to access information and freedom of expression.

“As IPCM is newly established, implementing its goals will take time. We encourage journalists from all regions who support IPCM’s aims to share their suggestions, participate, and communicate any challenges they may face”, Nan Paw Gay said.

In addition IPCM plans to release bi-annual reports, gathering information on instances where journalists in Myanmar encounter hardships to their continued work in the media, face livelihood difficulties, or become subject to arrest, violence, or prosecution by the Military Council following the coup.

At the IPCM conference, ten members, including the chairperson, vice-chairperson, secretary, joint secretary, and treasurer, were elected through a secret ballot.

77 individuals, comprising representatives from 38 independent Myanmar media outlets at home and abroad along with freelance media personnel, attended IPCM conference, unanimously demanding the unconditional release of all journalists and media persons unjustly imprisoned by the Military Council.

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