Karen News KNLA Commander-in-Chief: Discussing with Military Council Means Supporting Coup

On November 26th, General Saw Johnny delivered this statement during his acceptance speech at an online award ceremony hosted by 1949 Spirit in his honor.

“We can’t talk with Min Aung Hlaing at all. He’s the one who led the coup. Some of us met him, but discussing with him is like giving him recognition and supporting the coup”, he said.

General Saw Johnny also emphasized that despite the 77-year-long armed revolution to establish Karen State and secure the Karen people’s right to determine their own destiny, while acknowledging the necessity of discussions and dialogues for this objective, negotiations should exclusively take place with a government deserving official recognition, and not with Min Aung Hlaing’s coup regime.

Furthermore, he said that it is the collective responsibility of all Karen ethnic groups to contribute to the representation of a Karen State that is respected and recognized internationally. General Saw Johnny also highlighted the importance of thoroughly understanding both the enemy’s situation and the situation on one’s own side when engaging in attacks against the adversary.

Over 100 attendees, comprising leaders from the KNLA headquarters, Karen military and civil leaders, as well as members of the Karen communities abroad, participated in the prestigious award ceremony hosted by 1949 Spirit for the KNLA’s commander-in-chief.

Founded in 2016, 1949 Spirit was established by Karen revolution veterans with the goals of revitalizing the spirit of 1949, the inception year of the Karen national armed revolution, and providing support to KNLA.

The inaugural prestigious award was presented to the Deputy commander-in-chief of the KNLA, Lieutenant General Saw Baw Kyaw Heh, in 2016 when 1949 Spirit was founded. Now, General Saw Johnny has become the second recipient of this honor.

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