Karen News Myawaddy Bridge No. 2 Damaged During Recent Fighting Junta and BGF militia Currently Re-asserting Control

According to a local merchant in Myawaddy, the joint forces led by KNLA launched an offensive on April 20 against the Junta troops positioned near the bridge. This attack resulted in damage to both the bridge’s equipment and the money transfer systems linked to banks.

“On April 23, a Thai government minister visited Myawaddy Bridge No. 2 and promised that it would reopen soon. However there is significant damage to the address, including reconnecting the banks’ internet networks to the bridge. The relevant departments are working on repairs, but there is not a definite reopening date yet”, he told KIC.

Currently control of Myawaddy township and Freedom Bridge no. 2, is shared between the Junta and the Karen Border Guard Force (BGF). The BGF militia who claimed to have broken away from the Junta’s military command structure and have now re-branded their militia force as the KNA (Karen National Army).

However while KNLA-led resistance had permitted the BGF to operate inside the Myawaddy township as a “neutral force”, in fact they welcomed the 257th battalion to re-enter their military base near Myawaddy township, that had been captured by the KNLA earlier in April.

After the tactical and temporary withdrawal of KNLA- led forces from their control over Myawaddy, the BGF entered the picture for the first time and filled the vacuum inside Myawaddy township.

Their prime interest over many years is their partnership with Chinese scam- operators and casino mafia who run the notorious trafficking nexus of Shwe Kokko and KK Park operations that BNI has reported are expanding again.

The latest complexity in the evolving Myawaddy conflict again demonstrates that in every struggle between the KNU and the coup-regime, the BGF will always side with the Junta, The re-branding of the BGF as the KNA, is clearly little more than a cosmetic change of name.

Meanwhile efforts are underway to restart administrative functions and to recall personnel under the Junta’s control, who had evacuated during the confrontations.

Both the Junta and KNLA-led joint forces have not yet provided comments regarding the disruption of border trade and related economic sectors caused by military tensions in Myawaddy.

As of April 26, the downtown area of Myawaddy has resumed normal traffic flow, although residents are remaining vigilant, staying informed about security updates. Local reports indicate that shipments of goods remain accessible via the route connected to Htokawkoe.

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