Karen News NUG and Resistance Forces Urge Junta Troops to Defect Before Time Runs Out

The announcement emphasized that Military Council troops are encouraged to defect, citing the ongoing implementation of a policy that supports defectors surrendering with weapons, ensuring their safe return to family members, and facilitating the resettlement process.

This joint statement was issued not only by NUG but also by the Pa-O National Federal Council (PNFC), Chin National Front (CNF), Karenni Nationalities Defense Force (KNDF), and Kachin Ginra People’s Embrace Zinlum Komiti (KNPEZ).

Prior to the announcement, NUG’s Union-level Minister Mahn Win Khaing Than had established the People’s Embrace Committee and had been actively engaged in assisting defectors. PNFC Chairman Khun Myint Htun has strongly encouraged Military Council troops to defect at the earliest opportunity, emphasizing that the present period is the best time to do it.

“Our Pa-O national leader U Hla Pe set the policy that the Pa-O people shouldn’t be used as tools by anyone. This idea holds significance not just for Pa-Os but for all ethnicities. Hence for Military Council troops, we invite them to join us and end their exploitation by by the Junta”, he told KIC.

Since the coup, over 14,000 individuals have defected from the Military Council, which, facing manpower shortages, is allegedly providing false hope to employees of subordinate civil departments and deploying them to the frontlines, as stated in the announcement.

“The Military Council is concealing the fact that it is experiencing setbacks on all fronts and worsening relations with neighboring countries. We strongly encourage Military Council soldiers to defect to our side. Our aim is not to harm our fellow countrymen; we are advocating for a revolution to transform the system. Joining us is the best choice to minimize bloodshed”, Khun Myint Htun added.

The joint statement from NUG and resistance forces, reports an increase surrenders and defections within the Military Council following ‘Operation 1027’ by the Three Brotherhood Alliance in northern Shan State and ‘Operation 11.11’ by Karenni allied forces in Karenni (Kayah) State. The Military Council has not yet responded to that claim.

Furthermore, People’s Embrace reported that numerous individuals have defected through territories under the control of the Karen National Union (KNU) and the Kachin Independence Army (KIA), with assistance provided for their resettlement.

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