Karen News Operation 1027 Led to a Wave of Resistance Gains And Strengthened Capacity to Oust the Weakened Junta

On April 30, BNI-MPM hosted a special online analysis program titled ‘Operation 1027 and the Course of the Spring Revolution,’ facilitating discussions among participants on the influence of ‘Operation 1027’ on resistance warfare.

Daw Tin Tin Nyo, the Managing Director of BNI-MPM said “The ‘Operation 1027’ emerged as a powerful symbol for both the resistance fighters, and the entire populace of Myanmar striving to break free from military oppression. Following this, we have seen the initiation of ‘Operation 1107’ and ‘Operation 1111’ in Karenni State. The spirit of 1027 and also led to

the National Unity Government (NUG) and the K3C Alliance (comprising the Kachin Independence Organization, Karen National Union, Karenni National Progressive Party, and Chin National Front) all conducting offensives aimed at seizing control of towns and the Junta’s military installations within certain military regions.”

In Kachin, Chin, and Karen states, there has been a rapid escalation in military collaboration between Ethnic Armed Organizations (EAOs) and units of the People’s Defense Force (PDF) and Local Defense Force (LDF). Compared to the period before ‘Operation 1027,’ the resistance war inflicting far greater blows on the Junta in the five months following the commencement of that operation.

Shortly after the initiation of ‘Operation 1027’ in Northern Shan State, the Spring Revolution escalated to the next level with a significant offensive launched by the joint resistance forces in Karenni State, aiming to capture towns and military bases controlled by the Junta Encouraged by the achievements of ‘Operation 1027’, the resistance warfare escalated in boldness and strength across Myanmar, delivering a string of defeats to the Junta.

As a result, the number of towns seized by resistance forces has surged to 52 nationwide, with 28 of them under the control of three ethnic armed organizations (EAOs), known as the Three Brotherhood Alliance, as reported by BNI-MPM.

The BNI-MPM stated that to underscore the significance of ‘Operation 1027’ for the Spring Revolution, along with its implications for political objectives and the establishment of balanced military cooperation with other resistance forces, relevant data from October

2023 (when the operation commenced), through to the end of March 2024 , was meticulously gathered and organized.
While ‘Operation 1027’ undeniably spurred positive momentum for resistance forces nationwide, BNI-MPM highlighted that a comprehensive, large-scale operation involving all resistance factions has yet to materialize. To attain this objective, immediate initiation of political agreements and cooperation among NUG, EAOs, and resistance forces is imperative. However, BNI-MPM cautioned that achieving this goal is even more difficult than completely dismantling the military dictatorship.

BNI-MPM pointed out that all resistance forces should draw inspiration from the victories achieved through unity, harmony, and cooperation in ‘Operation 1027’, to seek a comprehensive solution for resolving current differences.

BNI-MPM, established in 2013, has been publishing reference books and research papers annually to offer clear insights into the key aspects of conflicts, including the evolution and trajectory of peace initiatives by individuals and organizations.

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