Karen News Press Council Calls for Immediate Release of All 52 Journalists Held in Myanmar’s Jails

On Myanmar’s Independence Day, January 4th, the coup Military Council authorized the parole of more than 9,000 individuals held in prisons and detention centers nationwide, including three journalists associated with Myanmar Pressphoto Agency (MPA) and the Mekong News.

However 52 journalists remain unjustly incarcerated by the Military Council, prompting IPCM to call for their immediate release. Furthermore, IPCM vehemently denounces the Military Council’s practice of detaining and imprisoning journalists committed to safeguarding the public’s right to information in adherence to ethical standards and media laws.

In its statement, IPCM asserted its commitment to expediting the release of detained journalists promptly and also safeguarding the rights of media outlets to publish freely.

“At present, there is no assurance of safety for individuals engaged in the news industry, tirelessly striving to fulfill their responsibilities amid challenges and difficulties. Securing protection for those in the news sector is a priority.

IPCM will collaborate with other organizations dedicated to the safety of media workers, exerting every possible effort to secure the freedom of journalists, and prevent the recurrence of such arrests”, Nan Paw Gay, Editor-in-Chief of KIC and Chairperson of IPCM, said.

Since the coup occurred in February 2021, 170 journalists have been arrested by the Military Council across Myanmar, and only 118 of them have been released, according to IPCM.

Furthermore, on May 8th, the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) declared that Myanmar holds the second position, following China, in the list of countries with the highest number of journalist arrests.

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