Karen News Resistance Fighters Affected by Junta’s Chemical Bombing in Kawkareik

A member of the Joker Column stated that besides dropping 500-pound bombs and firing howitzers at sites where skirmishes occurred and areas where resistance forces were suspected to be hiding, the Junta has now resorted to using chemical bombs.

“Previously they had hardly ever used these poison-gas bombs. But now when they dropped these bombs, our comrades experienced symptoms like suffocation, vomiting, paleness, and loss of appetite. The effects of the bombs can be felt up to 800 meters away. Around 30 of our comrades suffered symptoms of chemical poisoning”, he said.

He further remarked that the resistance forces suffered from such attacks because of the absence of gas masks and stressed the urgent need for them.

For nearly four months, intense fighting has engulfed Kawkareik. Initially, joint forces led by the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) managed to capture the outskirts and parts of urban areas still under Junta control. However since April 11, Junta reinforcements marching towards Myawaddy have launched a full-scale assault on Kawkareik, forcing KNLA to temporarily retreat from some defensive positions.

Regarding the allegation of the Junta’s use of chemical bombs in Kawkareik, KIC has been unable to confirm it properly, and there have been no official statements from relevant organizations.

The Junta troops are launching attacks on Kawkareik, Wawlay, Kyondoe, Myaing, and Myawaddy areas, employing airstrikes, heavy artillery barrages including multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS), and drones, resulting in civilian casualties and destruction of houses.

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