Karen News Unprovoked Airstrike by Military Council in Taungoo Leaves Civilian Injured

At approximately 6:00 PM, the Military Council conducted an air raid on Nagamauk village, situated near the Thaukyaekhat Dam and approximately 11 miles from Taungoo. Despite the absence of any recent hostilities in the village, which is home to over 4000 residents, the Military Council inexplicably launched the attack. In the aftermath of the airstrike, during which a villager was injured, some Nagamauk residents have begun seeking refuge in safer locations, as reported by a local woman from the village.

“We started hearing the sound of the aircraft around 6:00 PM yesterday. Shortly after, it began firing into the village.

The church in the village was also hit. Today, in the morning, the villagers started packing to evacuate”, she told KIC.

Recently, villages near the Military Council battalion in the 4-Mile area of Taungoo Township endured consecutive artillery attacks and air strikes for two days. Subsequently, Nagamauk village was targeted by an air raid, seemingly without any apparent reasons.

On November 17th and 18th, four locals were killed in Sapalinkone village, located near the base of the Military Council’s 39th Infantry Battalion in the 4-Mile area, as a result of airstrikes carried out by the Military Council.

Furthermore, on the night of November 17th, the 39th Infantry Battalion initiated shelling, resulting in artillery rounds exploding in a betel plantation in Kyauktaga village. Also, another artillery shell landed near Pintthilar village, as reported by a local resident.

“On Friday night, the Military Council fired artillery three times, causing damage to a betel plantation near Kyauktaga village. Fortunately, there were no injuries. Moreover, a 120mm artillery round fell on Pintthilar, which is a little bit far from Kyauktaga. This type of attack has never happened in the past; the Military Council has been arbitrarily escalating shelling in recent days”, the source said.

As the Military Council continues to engage in human rights violations, including airstrikes and shelling, thousands of residents from villages like Nagamauk, Kayahpyonechaung, Shanpyonechaung, and Yaesinkone in Taungoo Township are seeking refuge in safer locations, according to humanitarian workers assisting them.

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